Top 4 Options: The Best Lowrance Fish Finder for the Money

We love fish here at the Fish ‘n Marine Center, and even more, we love finding fish. Lowrance is one of the best fishing gear manufacturers known to anglers, so let’s look at which sonar transducer and gps comboes offer the best Lowrance fish finder for the money.

Top Lowrance Fishfinders Under 300

Lowrance Elite 5 (Click to view)

Discontinued by the manufacturer but still on sale on Amazon, the Lowrance Elite 5 is a great fishfinder for the money, and it’s also combined with GPS.

It’s easy to use and read with its 5inch, 480×480 color display screen.

The sounder and downscan imagine provides a great look at the available fish around you.

The GPS feature with a micro SD card slot even lets you install your own maps from Navionics Cartography to follow. The transducer is a transom mount transducer – you don’t need to buy any extras.

This is a great Lowrance fish finder under $300 if that’s the money you want to spend.

Best Lowrance Under $600

Lowrance Elite-7 Gold CHIRP Fishfinder GPS Combo (Click to view)

The CHIRP series is the upgrade from the regular elite series. Again, this model comes with Navionics cartography.

It’s screen is bigger, being a 7 inch HD color LCD screen. It has down imaging sonar with 83/200+455/800kHz transom mount transducer.

This is the better Lowrance option if you need a unit with a bigger screen and CHIRP sonar technology to overlay with the downscan.

Best Lowrance Fishing Unit Under 1000

Lowrance HDS-7 GEN2 Touchscreen Chartplotter with 83/200kHz Skimmer (Click to view)

This is a fantastic touch screen option with great, usable technology. The touchscreen LCD is bright and useful, coming in at 7”. If you can afford a bigger fish finder screen, you should get it, because it will give you a wider range of visibility and help you catch more fish.

The broadband sounder with downscan overlay and HD sonar imagine lets you get the best possible view of fish in the area. Again, like most other quality Lowrance fish finders, this unit works with Navionics charts. This unit uses the Platinum charts specifically. It’s important to note the chart plotter chip is not included. Once you buy the map chart for your area, this is definitely one of the best Lowrance fish finders you can get for the money!! If you can afford it, get it.

Options Under 100 (budget Lowrance fish finders)

Lowrance Elite 3X (Click to view)

Coming in at under a hundred dollars, the Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder is a great budget option.

Like many others, it has a 83/200khz transducer. The 3.5” color LCD screen is easy to read and navigate, and just big enough for comfortable use. Of course, a bigger fish finding screen is better, but this is still a great option particularly if you’re on a budget. It’s compact and affordable, with a super clear broadband transducer that outperforms others with 10 times the sensitivity, helping you see the difference between specific fish, and the bottom structure of the water you’re fishing in. You can even use it at night!

This unit doesn’t come with GPS or chartplotting abilities, which is no problem considering its amazing price point.

You won’t find a better fish finder than this for under $100 if all you need is the sonar capabilities and the screen.

So, which of these is the best fishing sonar unit if you only want to buy one from the Lowrance brand? It depends on how much money you want to spend. If you have a bigger budget for the best features including GPS and navigation SD slots, go for the best – the HDS-7 unit. If you’re on a major budget and just need a basic, easy to use finder, go for the cheapest. Any of these will work for even the most novice or experienced of fishers who want a Lowrance fishfinder!

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  1. john bass

    my favorite fish finder product is Lowrance Elite 3x easy to use and the price is not too expensive.


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