The Top 3 Marine Battery Boxes: 2017 Reviews

If you understand your fishing boat inside out, then you probably know what a marine battery box or a trolling motor battery box is. However, it is not shocking to find a boat owner who does not know what this box is. In a layman’s language, a marine battery box can be defined as that which keeps your trolling motor battery and all its components safe from destruction. A more precise angle would look at the marine battery box as a device used to contain battery acid. In addition to that, it can also be used to seal and direct away gas that is built up from the battery when the boat is running. Since a boat has a fuel tank and may have an electrical circuitry, it is safe to keep your battery covered hence need for a marine battery box.

It is a topic of contention whether every boat needs to have a battery box on it or not. It can be argued that some boats operate in calm environments hence no need to protect the battery. However, it is advisable to have your battery enclosed if your boat is commercial. The best way to enclose the battery is by use of a marine battery box.

If you are looking to buy a marine battery box for your boat, you will need to do your homework on the types of the boxes available on the market. Below we are going to review three marine boxes that are rated top in the market.

1. NOCO Marine Battery Box

The battery box is designed for one group 8D commercial battery. Its design is rugged making it applicable to commercial boats. It has a four fastening system with a captive lid for easy installation. The box has large cable holes to facilitate passage of large gauge cables. There is also plenty of ventilation for releasing gasses formed by the battery as well as a large reservoir for battery acid.

The rugged design gives the box high resistance to environmental hazards. The box can withstand contaminants such as oil, gas, acid and many more. The box is also protective in case of UV exposure. Using this battery box is a great way to keep your boat battery safe by limiting water entry, effectively collecting spilling battery acid, provision of sufficient ventilation and protection of the battery terminals from making contact.


2. Smart Marine Battery Box

The battery box features exposed terminals and seven gauge heavy duty cables provided. It also has two 12V DC outlets for powering your accessories. The battery box has an LED indicator to indicate the voltage of the battery. In addition to the indicator, the battery box has user-friendly meters which light up when touched. Hooking up the trolling meter is as easy as just connecting it to the external terminal.

The smart marine battery box features automatic resetting thermal circuit breakers rated at 15 amps. You can charge and use the battery without opening the box. The box can be used to hold 24 and27 series batteries.

3. SeaSense Deluxe Power Station Battery Box

The battery box can determine the condition of the battery inside it just by touching a button. Hooking on its external terminals is easy. It has a 12V socket that permits the use of standard accessories. You do not need to open the box since you can charge directly from the terminals on the exterior of the box. Opening the box is only necessary when you want to change the battery. This battery box is ideal for small boats.

Marine Battery Boxes


A marine battery box will help protect you, your battery, your boat, and your other fishing gear when out on the water. We rate it 5 stars and encourage everyone to get one.

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